Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lesole's Dance Project

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing my daughter, Thakabasadi Sato perform at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage. She's a dancer with Lesole's Dance Project. Lesole Maine (pronounced: Mah ee nay) is a very talented dancer and performer from South Africa. He has assembled a terrific group of young dancers here in the states and they were definite crowd pleasers at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts last evening. The performance was more like a story book in dance. They performed traditional South African dance which spoke honor to the ancestors. The story continued as they transported us in time to the turmoil of the Apartheid system. This included a backdrop of film footage accompanied with protest chants and high stomping defiance against the injustice. They ended it with the fancy footwork of Hip-Hop and the influences it has had on South African music and youth (see Kwaito). You know I acted a fool as all fathers will when they see their child on stage. Yes, I've seen her on stage before, but this was the Kennedy Center! It meant a lot to her. I wasn't too bad though. My wife only slapped me upside the head once because I yelled out something in Sesotho when they hit one of their moves. It was great! We were not allowed to take any pictures of the performance, but here are a few that we took afterwards.

Momma, Thaka, & Wife
From left: Me , Mom, Thaka & Wife

There was tremendous support from family and friends. We all had a great time just talking and laughing after the performance. In the end, Ke isa masapo ho beng (translation: I'm taking the bones back to the owners). Lesole taught me that! Yes, I was sleepy and it was time for bed. Peace~

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