Thursday, November 02, 2006

Poetry: Translation for Vagues en Dentelles

This is the translation that I promised for the previous post on le cimetière marin. I think that Lynn's poem is absolutely beautiful!

Thought: I really need to revisit my lessons in French.

Vagues en dentelles

Entre mâts, entre vagues
Des souvenirs dans des malles
Des vies, des cris, des espoirs
Voguant, nageant vers la lumière
Un océan en rage, des arches,
Rafiots ébréchés guettent l’horizon
Entre ciel et mer un silence pesant
Une brise parfumée sous une dentelle
De gouttelettes d’attentes, des larmes
Là bas. On rame avec des rêves.


English Translation:

Lacy waves

Through masts, through waves
Trunks loaded with memories
Lives, screams, hopes
Sailing, swimming towards light
Raging ocean, arches
Old scarred boats peering out the horizon
In between sky and sea a silence so heavy
A sweet-smelling breeze under lace
Drops awaiting, tears
Over there. We row our dreams.
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