Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thoughts: Past & Present

Good morning! I was so difficult for me to get up this morning, but I pulled myself out of the bed. I caught a ride with my wife on her way to work so I didn't have to deal with the bus and subway. I don't mind the commute, but it was nice to sit back and talk on our way in. I like riding the train too because I get a lot of reading in. I am on this campaign to read more books and watch less television. It has been working! It is all in my efforts to become a more effective educator. I also feel that it will better prepare for what is to come. So, I seek knowledge and pray for wisdom.

Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding

The journey started young. I have been infatuated with knowledge since I was boy, but I was always afraid to approach her. She seemed larger than life and beyond my realm of comprehension. I would come close enough just to get a little of what she had to offer me. I didn't get too close because my peers would tease me and girls would call me soft. I became older and that infatuation turned into true love. Now, I spend time with her and I've been trying lately to give her the attention she deserves. Knowledge gives me light where there was darkness. She gives clarity to concepts and ideas that were once murky. Knowledge also dispels myths and conjectures that I once thought true. She broadens my vocabulary and allows me to express myself clearly. She is my sunshine and my light. She is my one true concubine. Remember that true and divine knowledge comes from God. I will leave on this note. Make this a fantastic and wonderful day! Peace~
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