Monday, August 21, 2006

Cruisin' In DC

Good morning! I hope all that reads this post had a great weekend. This weekend was so busy for me! I think that we were a little over booked for functions, but we worked it out and went to the ones that were more important to family and friends. The highlight of the weekend was our church’s 5th Anniversary cruise on the Odyssey (Click post title). The Odyssey is a floating restaurant that cruises the Potomac River. Our group included church members, a band, and a gospel group out of Philadelphia. They were fantastic! The singing group consisted of older gentlemen between the ages of 50 and 70. They were harmonizing and singing the songs that my grandmother would listen to while getting ready for church. They took me back to Sunday mornings in North Carolina. I enjoyed it a great deal.

Also, my younger brother is visiting with us. He pulled in from Atlanta yesterday. It’s always great when he comes to visit because he brings so much positive and creative energy to our home. He started talking about putting something together as soon as he hit the door. My wife is the one who pushes my creativity on a daily. Thomas takes what my wife does and flips it. Together they are my dynamic duo! Isn’t family great! We really try to push and encourage each other to pursue our dreams. It’s not enough to follow your dreams because you can follow something with your eyes as you watch it pass you by. We must take action and use action verbs like “pursue” or “execute.” We have to execute and eradicate fear while we execute a plan of action in order to move forward! I’ll stop here. Check Bess Photos on Flickr for more photos. Peace~
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