Friday, August 04, 2006

Bohemian Cavern: The "Cave" In '62

One of my favorite Jazz songs is by a Chicago Jazz great, Ramsey Lewis. This rhythmic, toe tapping, hand clapping piece is a song called, The "In" Crowd. One of the best versions of this song was performed in 1962 on Washington, D.C.'s famous U Street (Black Broadway) at a place called, Bohemian Caverns. This version of the song is featured on a cd titled,
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Ramsey Lewis. Ramsey Lewis would go on to win a Grammy Award for that "Live" recording at the Cavern. Well, enjoy your weekend. As you can see I have music on my mind. Perhaps I will get a moment to listen and enjoy. Peace~


Dancewithme2 said...

Great recommendation - I like the groove a lot. Have a GREAT weekend.

Stephen Bess said...

Dance, you do the same.

UARIDI said...

Enjoy your weekend - I hope you do get to go out. Nowadays, going out is such a chore for me!! Old age.

Love to sis

Geoffrey Philp said...

Enjoy uour weekend. I may be showing my age, but my introduction to Ramsey Lewis' music was through Earth Wind and Fire's rendition of "Sun Goddess" which I followed to the Master himself.

1 Heart,

David E. Patton said...

I saw Ramsey Lewis in Denver back in the late 90s. He gave a good show.

Professor Zero said...

OK, I'm going to go buy cd's! :-)

Stephen Bess said...

Yes, I have that cd by Earth Wind & Fire. That's one of the hottest tracks ever!

I've never seen Ramsey in concert, but I saw him in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago a few years ago. He was coming out of a bank. I didn't confirm it, but I'm sure it was him.

What did you get?

African girl, American world said...

hey Stephen *waving*
how have you been?

You can check me out on the daily at

Peace and my love to my sister

Stephen Bess said...

Hello stranger! It's good to see you. I will definitely be checking you out.

Anonymous said...

I love Bohemian Caverns.

Stephen Bess said...

Nice spot with a lot of Jazz history.

NML said...

That's one of the things that the US does very well and it's not as accessible here in the UK - jazz

Stephen Bess said...

Really? I didn't know that. Japan seems to be big on Jazz.

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