Thursday, July 27, 2006

Grandpa Bess

This is a picture of me and my grandfather. I asked him to take this picture with me and he told me to wait so that he can put on a hat and jacket. **smile** He's responsible for a great deal of who I am today. He crossed my mind this morning. That means that we have to call him today. This picture was taken last Spring. He is now 87.

Excerpt from previous post:
I don't care what question I asked he would always mention the car that he owned around that time. I asked him about the time that he asked for my grandmothers hand in marriage in 1945. He responded with, "I had a green 1938 Chevrolet." He did mention that there was another girl that wanted him to marry her, but he wanted my grandmother especially. He also talked about the best car that he'd ever owned. It was a 1966 Dodge. He said that he paid for it in 8 easy payments from a private owner.

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