Thursday, November 03, 2005

Georgia Plum: My First Attempt At Poetry

When I first arrived in Savannah, the Black women there referred to themselves as Georgia Peaches. Well, in Savannah many of the women are too dark to be peaches so I called them plums. I found them beautiful! They are smooth and soft to the touch. Plus, the darker they are... the sweeter they are.

This poem was written in my English journal in college. I had to share it with the class and my professor thought the poem was erotic because I compared the Black women of Georgia with a Plum. Oooooh! Freaky! :)

Georgia Plum
(English 107 class/1990)

Dark and Sweet
Yeah, that's how I like 'em
Pure-T ecstasy the minute I sight 'em
Lord...thank you for them Georgia Plums
Georgia Peaches are alright
But the Plums are outa sight!
Plump and juicy with a burst of flavor
She's a taste in my mouth that I'll always savor
Lord...thank you for them Georgia Plums
From the top of Stone Mountain
Through midville and Savannah town
I will praise this Black woman
And I will never put her down
My Georgia Plum

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