Thursday, September 08, 2005

Myths: Just a thought

There are a many myths circulating concerning just every day people and I am here to say that sh#@ ain’t true! I’m not saying that this is the gospel, but this has been my experience based on personal accounts and observations:

Black people don’t support each other

Native Americans are extinct

Africans think that they are better than African Americans

African Americans think that they are better than Africans

All Asians know some form of Karate

All Asians are smart

Most people from the Middle East and North Africa are religious fanatics

If you have Italian heritage you are probably connected with the Mafia

White men can’t fight

White people are mostly rich and very few are on welfare

Black women are easy to sleep with

Black women are evil and extremely unreasonable

Latinos are baby making machines

Most young Latino men are affiliated with a gang

Irish people drink too much

People from the India don’t use deodorant

Finally, most Black people are for Reparations and Affirmative Action

Please, if you can think of anymore please share. Let's expose the lies! Peace~
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