Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Um Ret To Go!

Good morning,

The traveling Summer season is about to kick off. You know how it is once Memorial Day hits. I really don't have any big plans for travel this Summer. Well, I'll always have my domestic travel, but nothing out of the country. I'm fine with that. That will all come soon enough. I want to travel the world one day (soon). I want to go to far distant lands where I can experience the culture and enjoy the sites. Egypt is on my list. It would be like stepping into antiquity. I want to touch the Pyramids and float down the Nile. Overall, Africa would be a great experience because I would be truly going back to some of my roots. My father was the first to reach Africa in our immediate family. I know that it must of resonated with his soul. I've never asked him, but maybe I should.

London/Paris would be great and I must hit Amsterdam. Asia would be fantastic. I can only imagine being in downtown Shanghai! I've always wanted to experience something like that. I truly cannot imagine leaving this earth without seeing most of what this world has to offer. I think that everyone should. Hell, I know some people who are half way there. Anyway, here's to all of you world travelers...excuse me though because I have the window seat. I'm on the next flight out, baby. "I'd like to fly away...and I'd like to fly away...cause I got to fly away...ZOOM!!" Peace~


Sandy said...

Been around the world and eye eye eye, I can't find my baby~

SB...I too long to be a world traveler. Africa, Europe, Trinidad and Tobego, The Figi's you name it, I want to go... Thankfully I have been fortunate to see a few places in my day which has truly expanded my thinking about humanity and America....

I think that everyone in the States should be afforded the opportunity to leave the country atleast once in his or her lifetime. Unless of course they are on house arrest. It can make a world of difference. You go!

Stephen A. Bess said...

House arrest! Ha! :) I do agree that everyone should have that opportunity. Traveling really does give you a fresh perspective on things and people. It can help you better understand different cultures and their customs. Definitely.

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