Friday, May 13, 2005

Ain't Nothin'

Good morning! Happy Friday!

You know everytime I get on my blog I am reminded of the 90's Hip Hop group, The Pharcyde. They had this song called "Somethin' That Means Somethin'." In the song they are chanting, ".....I got say somethin' that means somethin'......somethin' that means somethin'...." It was that pressure from the rap community at the time to rap about "somethin' that means somethin'"and not a bunch of bullshit. Well, sometimes you just want to talk or ramble and you may not have anything in mind, but you just want to vent. You simply want to talk about your day or just talk about you. I want to just talk about me today. What about me?

I am currently drinking some green tea with honey. It has a delicious taste, but some lemon flavoring would really set it off. What else would set it off! I mean really set it off........on the left y'all set it off on the right y'all.......set it off! Watch out! You're showin' your age! I know! A bottle of wine and great conversation with a brownskinned (actually Black, brown, or bright) lady would also be nice. That's setting it off! How about some dinner? Yes, I am ready to order! I'll have your grilled Salmon....medium with a lemon butter dill sauce and some garlic mashed potatoes. Yeah! That's settin' sho! Hey wait ayyyyyy minute! I can't forget dessert. I won't some cake.....oh yes! It's called Death By Chocolate! So so moist. That was good. Now, I think that I'll have another drink. Yes, I'll have a Long Island Iced Tea. Oh yeah, I am ready to board the Long Island ferry and take it on home. that's settin' it off!
Anyway, I am rambling as promised but I just want to have a good weekend and I think that I will. I will hang out a little and hopefully get in some rest and relaxation. I'll also do a little reading and maybe visit my mother and sister at some point. As always it is great to be alive. Happy Friday!!!

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