Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chances Are

I was just thinking to myself that I have been out of touch with life. Seriously. I say that because I have been almost entirely wrapped up into myself. It seems that the rest of the world doesn't exist when this happens. I deal almost exclusively with the people that directly or indirectly affect or infect my existence. Is that life? True, that could be some aspect of life, but my main concern is that I've been out of touch with the issues that affect our lives as a community. I'm feeling that I need to become more involved. I didn't have this feeling in the classroom because teachers are constantly influencing the lives of the students they teach (hopefully in a positive way). I am meandering in a corporate setting at the moment while slowly contemplating my next move. I am considering returning to the classroom, but I have to be in an ideal situation. That is going to count on my efforts, so motivation is the key. Make no mistake, I will always be a teacher; that is my profession. It's taken me a while to accept that responsibility, but I will orchestrate my next move.
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