Monday, April 25, 2005


Ahhhhh...another Monday morning. It was a fantastic weekend! I've been on the road so much lately. This weekend I was in New York. I went to see Julius Ceasar at the Belasco Theater. It was a fantastic show! Denzel Washington starred as Brutus. He was superb! I also got to hang out a little in the Village and SOHO. I like the bohemian atmosphere of the little shops, restaurants and bookstores. I got this great hardcover book for $7.00 titled, Multi-America: Essays on Cultural Wars & Cultural Peace. It's a little cheaper on Amazon, but I didn't know that the book even existed in the first place. New York as a whole was intoxicating! She is the girl that I love, but can't trust. Times Square looked like a peaceful riot. If you take the time you can feel the energy of the city. I feel that sort of thing in my legs. So, here I am back at my desk typing these words in my web journal. I'm back in Washington and wondering what my life will be like in 10mins. Peace~


Sandy said...

"She is the girl that I love, but can't trust."

Nicely put....I totally connect with that description as well, except it would have to be a guy cause I don't go that route.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Sandy makes me giggle. :)I think that they call Chicago the "pretty girl with dirty panties." DC is an undercover freak! You won't even see her coming! She will turn you out!

Sandy said...

Chicago the "pretty girl with dirty panties.

I think I'll leave that one alone..

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