Monday, April 25, 2005


Ahhhhh...another Monday morning. It was a fantastic weekend! I've been on the road so much lately. This weekend I was in New York. I went to see Julius Ceasar at the Belasco Theater. It was a fantastic show! Denzel Washington starred as Brutus. He was superb! I also got to hang out a little in the Village and SOHO. I like the bohemian atmosphere of the little shops, restaurants and bookstores. I got this great hardcover book for $7.00 titled, Multi-America: Essays on Cultural Wars & Cultural Peace. It's a little cheaper on Amazon, but I didn't know that the book even existed in the first place. New York as a whole was intoxicating! She is the girl that I love, but can't trust. Times Square looked like a peaceful riot. If you take the time you can feel the energy of the city. I feel that sort of thing in my legs. So, here I am back at my desk typing these words in my web journal. I'm back in Washington and wondering what my life will be like in 10mins. Peace~
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