Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Morning of Discontent

"In the consciousness of the truth he has perceived, man now sees everywhere only the awfulness or the absurdity of existence... and loathing seizes him."Author: Nietzche

Good morning!

You know, one can observe the problems of the world riding the subway train. I mean, every deadly sin can be accounted for from pride to lust. I am not being judgemental because I am definitely not free of sin. I sat on the train this morning and observed wrath and envy. Actually, I see this everyday with our school age youth on the train. Unfortunately, it is the girls that are in an uproar. "I don't like that bitch anyway...I wish she would say something to me." Watch out! There's a "Girl Fight" featuring Big Boi and Lil Jon. Pump your fist! Kill that bitch! Throw your hands in the air! Snatch out that hoes hair! Somebody scream! Stop!

Our girls are trying to kill each other and hip-hop is celebrating it with an anthem? How absurd is that? In the words of Marvin Gaye, "Who really cares...who is willing to try to save our world...to save a world that destined to die." This is where the loathing comes in. If you are a conscious observer in this world that we live you can't help but be affected by the absurdity and ignorance that is displayed on a daily. Ahh!!! to be young and not have a care in the world. The 18th century poet, Thomas Gray said that "ignorance is bliss." I'm sorry but my discontent is heightened by what I see everyday. I won't even mention the situation with our young men. The media will have you believe that it is just a Black thing or Brown problem, but kids everywhere are in trouble. The older generation needs to grab these children one at a time or in a group if we can and hip them to what's really going on in this world. Everyone is responsible: parents, teachers, community, rappers, sports figures, politicians, and the damn homeless! WAKE UP!!! Peace~

PS Have a great day! :)


Sandy said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. If we don't take responsibility for the youth who will? These kids today have no hope and no morals and we just sit back afraid to do anything. Who's fault is that? We want to teach our kids the right thing, and in that it may call for correction and then the government steps in and says "oh no no no, you can't do that" then what are we left with? We need to get creative and I believe too that the church needs to step up their game cause it's sad...These kids are crying out for help and we do nothing.... Unfortunately, I too am among the somewhat apatheic.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Word Sandy! Word!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you both. The sad thing is, all of my family(on one side(smile)) and friends feel the same way. I'm sure many, if not all of your family and/or friends feel the same way, and the list goes on. With all of us in agreeance, we actually have the power to make a difference. Who among us is willing to stand up and lead? ......just a thought

Stephen A. Bess said...

Jane, thanks for that comment. I think that we should all do what we can to offset this thing before it's really too late. Meanwhile, Jed Bush has made it legal to kill in Florida by modifying the gun law. People can now shoot to kill if they feel threatened. Absurd!

nikki said...

your last sentence made the entire post seem like a love tap. it had to be said, though.

Stephen A. Bess said...

I don't know why I included that in my last sentence? Perhaps I wanted to get my point across without sounding too preachy or bitter. Actually, I have every right to be so fuck it!

PS Have a nice day. :)

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