Friday, August 21, 2020

Showing My Face: Self Reflection and Thoughts on Writing

Hello friends. I'm just showing my face while I am still in my birthday month of August. Go Leos! Like many, I do an assessment of my life on my birthday; I take stock and think about the necessary changes for myself. For me, it's about getting better and doing better. This year was no different, while I have been sitting at home during this pandemic. I am still finishing up my doctoral studies. I have been doing my coursework since 2018 with a focus on critical pedagogy, and I will soon start my thesis work. So, I am moving forward, but I have been thinking more about creative writing. Currently, most of my writing is academic, but I long to sit and write creatively. I crave it so much that I throw some of that creativity into my academic writing. So, my goal this year is to make more of an effort to publish poetry and maybe some short stories. We'll see. I have made progress in other areas of my life this year, so maybe it is a sign of things to come. Again, we will see. Well, take care of yourself and continue to stay safe. Peace.




Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Happy Birthday!
I like your goals. Taking note of our lives can be a creative process. It will be a thrill to call you Dr. Bess! Has a solid sound to it.
I was reading your poetry book last week. Summer reading lists should always include poetry.
I've had three pieces of cake this month. And, I feel no shame.
Yay for us Leos!

This summer, the pandemic, as it will, pushed me to think about goals as well. I have passed the halfway word count on a fiction novel by writing 4 days a week, no matter how many words. I started to pout at about week 5. I changed my rules to include substitute days for those I didn't write. Pouting does continue, but with an improved attitude.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Hello my friend at Salty Pumpkin Studio. I'm sorry that I have not responded in all of this time. I happened to visit my blog today when I saw your comment. I hope that things are fine for you as we prepare for another year. I have written down a few poems since this post. I will continue to strive.

Thank for the encouragement always.


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