Sunday, July 09, 2017

Memories of A Sunday Kind Of Love

I love this song by Etta James, "A Sunday Kind of Love." I loved it so much that I gave the title to my Sunday night show on WHCJ at Savannah State University (College in my day) in Savannah, Georgia in the early 90s. I was on-air every Sunday evening from 8:00 p.m. - 12 midnight. It was one of the few commitments that I would keep on a weekly basis for more than 3 years. That's how I knew that it was true love. It lasted longer than any of my campus relationships.

Although I have moved on with life and married, I still think about that commitment now and then; of course, it is usually on Sundays as 8:00 p.m. approaches. Back then, I would jump on my bike with my sack of choice music and glide on over to the station. Once that big hand hit the 8, I'd hit play and on came... "Summer Madness" by Kool and the Gang. I know. Why didn't I use Etta? Well, I thought that it would be too obvious. Plus, "Summer Madness" was a great music bed while I introduced myself and the night's show:

Good evening. You're listening to Savannah State radio, WHCJ-90.3 FM. This is your host, Stephen Bess, and thank you for joining me this evening for another edition of "A Sunday Kind of Love." Please, just sit back and relax and I will take care of the rest...

Man, I loved it! Yes, those were good times. I will never forget those days. I enjoyed some quiet times every Sunday night in that campus studio. I took request and talked to friends of the station over the phone. Once in a while, I even received a visit from a friend on campus. However, most of the time it was just me and the microphone. Well, now that those days are behind me, I just listen to Ms. Etta sing as I reminisce of "A Sunday Kind of Love" at WHCJ radio. Those were good times. Good night everybody.

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