Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Reflections and Projections

First, this painting by artist, Jonathan Green ("Horizon"), is a direct reflection of my who I am. I cannot tell you how often I am enamoured by the clouds and birds in the sky. The lovely azure scenery always grabs my attention, if only for a moment. It is God's splendor - His creation. How can I ignore it?

Well, this semester is coming to an end, and I'm getting ready for summer. Students are dropping off their final papers and I am listening to either their accolades or their worries. Meanwhile, I am thinking about writing for the summer. Even writing on this blog has been a new accurance in the past couple of days. Overall, this year has been good. Of course, I have my loose ends to tie and relationships to nurture and build, but it has been good. Every year, my goal is to become better as a teacher; so, I must read and study. That's the thing about teaching - we are perpetually a student. I love it though.

I have plans to further my studies with another degree. I'm looking into different programs here in Maryland. My goal is to do something that I find interesting. At first, I considered going into Education and Leadership, but that wouldn't hold my interest. No, it has to be about the things I love, which include literature, language, and culture. Besides, that's all that I have discussed on this blog. That's what Morphological Confetti is all about. Anyway, I have something in mind, but we will see. I'll keep you posted.

Well, today's weather is unseasonably warm and the skies are clear here in Maryland. As the song writer said, "...I think I'll go outside for a while...to take in some clean fresh air." Take Care and enjoy your day. ~Peace

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