Tuesday, July 12, 2011

South Jersey weekend

I had such a long, but enjoyable weekend.  My wife and I went to conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  It was a great conference and also quality time with my wife.  We strolled the AC Boardwalk until we were tired and eventually came back to Maryland.  We got back home a little before 5 A.M., went to sleep and got up 3 hours later for church.  We were tired, but we needed some church after hanging out in South Jersey.  Church was wonderful!  I'm so happy we didn't miss.  Overall, the weekend was a blessing.  By the way, if you are ever in Atlantic City along the Boardwalk watch the Seagulls.  They are gangster!  They will literally snatch food out of your hand.  Enjoy your day.  Peace~

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