Wednesday, May 18, 2011

15-Year-Old Graduates From The University of Baltimore

This is a great story about an exceptional young man, Ty Hobson-Powell.  I already want to make his first name his initials, T.H. Powell.  It just sounds great for the history books.  I'm sorry, but this makes me so excited; this brings me so much joy.  Out of all the negative press that we get in the media concerning young African American men, this is so refreshing.  I pray that God protects this young man and take him to new heights - far beyong what he can imagine.  By the way, a special kudos to his parents, family, and community because it takes a village.  Press on Ty.  Press on.  I wish you all the success that God can give.  He gave you that talent for a reason -- His purpose.  Check out the video.

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