Thursday, June 17, 2010

MC Spotlight: Poetry by Abiodun Koya


It was 11:48pm on Thursday

two lovers abandoned a home

on a quest for something new

he drove like a hungry lion

she waited like a baby bird

Leaving the city behind them

she caught a glimpse of a cross

he drove straight into the backyard of the church

he tore her dress with his claws

she turned him to the way he was born

it was a long journey into the clouds

aided by sweat, pants and screams

the car felt like a manger

happy to host a new hero

bouncing up and down on the church soil

she looked guilty with sweat all over her

he looked dumbfounded like a trespasser

she saw a statue with a hand stretched forth

he read “come unto me o ye sinners”

© Abiodun Koya
Excerpt from her poetry collection: The Words of a Princess

Short Bio:
Ms. Abiodun Koya is an accomplished lyric soprano from the Southwestern part of Nigeria.  Read more about Abiodun on her website:

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