Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poetry: Here’s the Situation...

My old lady ain’t never been one to cut me no slack
If I tell her I’m going to the store
She wanna know what time I’m coming back
But that’s okay ‘cause papa ain’t salty

You might think that what I’m saying ain’t real,
but the president has to sign a bill
Just so I can spend a bill – I’m talking about a dollar!
Yeah, sometimes it makes me wanna holler
but that’s okay ‘cause papa ain’t salty

You see…

I messed up just a while ago
with this sweet, fine thing – age around 24
Man, I thought my game was tight
‘cause I never tried to spend the night

But one day…

I guess the time was around 4
That sweet, fine thing knocked on my front door
Well, she told my ‘ol lady everything including things I said
Meanwhile, I’m ducking and dodging the pots and pans flying at my head
Man, was I scared!

But that’s okay ‘cause papa still ain’t salty
I just wish my ‘ol lady would cut me some slack
‘cause I just met this sweet, fine thing – age around 29
that I been dying to get at

This is an excerpt from my new chapbook, Liquid Lunch. How do you order your own copy? Just look to your right margins and click the "Buy Now" button through PayPal. It's fast, it's safe, and it's the Blues. Thanks for your support.
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