Saturday, March 07, 2009

MC Spotlight: Liquid Lunch

I am proud to present my first book of poems titled, Liquid Lunch. (A thought: Hey, this is the first MC spotlight that is about me!) Anyway, it is a collection of Blues-Inspired poetry that I have put into a chapbook. The chapbooks have not arrived yet, but I am expecting them any day now. Where did the idea come from? I got the idea of putting together a Blues chapbook from my good brother and writer Geoffrey Philp. In essence, he told me that I had accumulated a good amount of blues poetry that I should consider sharing with the rest of the world. So, I took the poems that I had already written, added a few more and voila! Thanks, Geoffrey. The current book cover is not as colorful as the one you see because of the paper used; the picture above is for advertisment. Besides, I wanted to display my friends wonderful work. It was done by a fantastic graphics designer, artist, and good friend Marilyn Gates Davis.

Info about Liquid Lunch:

As some of you know, the term liquid lunch refers to a lunch that consist of alcohol as the main course. Back when I was a sailor in the US Navy, my comrades and I would sometimes choose this as a way to "pick up" the day. I called this chapbook that because I envision it as a quick "pick-me-upper." My hopes is that it will lift your spirits and inspire you in one way or the other. The poems are based on little of everything: my life, my imagination, my grandfather's life. By the way, my grandfather is the young man you see on the right. This image is from a photo of him in the US Army, 1944. Today, he is 90 years old and living in North Carolina and yes...he still enjoys a little liquid lunch now and then.
I will post information about the pricing and how you can get a copy soon. As always, thanks for all your support. Peace~

Big thanks and all the love to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, and my wife who is always telling, "put it in a book Bess!"
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