Friday, November 14, 2008

Langston Hughes' stay in Washington DC

Did you know that Langston Hughes had a short stay in Washington, D.C. before he became a famous poet in Harlem, NY? Langston arrived in Washington, DC in November of 1924, and stayed until January 1926. He got a job as a Busboy at the Wardman Park Hotel (Now Marriott) in N.W. Washington. Why DC? As some of you know, DC had a thriving Black community at the turn of the 20th Century. Some of that still exist today, but it is slowly disappearing with growing cost of real estate in cities like Washington, Harlem, and Chicago.

Wardman Park Marriott

Langston Hughes writes, "I have a new job at a hotel. . . . The place I work is quite classy. There are European waiters and it caters largely to ambassadors and base-ball players and ladies who wear diamonds."

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