Tuesday, April 01, 2008

National Poetry Month

Since April is National Poetry Month, I have accepted a challenge from Cloudy Day Art to write a poem everyday for the 30 days of April. My plan is to post every poem (good or bad) on Morphological Confetti every single day. Please join me if you are up for the challenge. I'll start this one off with a Blues piece. Peace~

My Baby Loves Me

Let me tell ya'll somethin'
I don’t know nothing ‘bout no money
I don’t know nothing ‘bout no car

I don’t know nothing ‘bout no sporty clothes
I don’t know nothing ‘bout no spa

What I know is that my baby loves me
my baby loves me
yes she do

and she don’t care nothing ‘bout all those fancy things
long as she knows
I love her too
By: Stephen Bess

Photo Source: watkinscemetery.com
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