Monday, February 18, 2008

Morphological Update

Hello family, friends, and fellow bloggers. I don't have a "post" today and I've decided against another video from my YouTube page. *smile* Is it okay if I just express salutations? Thanks. Well, I'm just stopping in to say hello and to assure you that I will be back with more morphological confetti as soon as possible. I just have to get settled into my new job. My responsibilities don't allow me to blog much these days, but I get plenty of practice writing on the job as a Writer/Curriculum Designer. It can be fun depending on the subject matter, but the blessing is that I get to write! In the near future, I look forward to writing more of what I like. How do you like my cubicle? I know...I need a calendar or something to brighten the spot. Meanwhile, I'll continue to check by your pages and leave comments if time permits. I'll see you soon. Peace.
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