Monday, June 25, 2007

Thinking about Thinking

It’s Monday. People often think of Monday as a day they would rather skip, but I look at it as a new start. I think to myself, what will I do to improve myself for the coming week? What will I achieve? I think of the fall season in the same way. I feel that I associate the fall season with school. It excites me! It’s the cool crisp morning air just before 8am class. It’s the smell of a new textbook and the cracking sound it makes when you open it for the first time. This is how I know I was destined to teach. I’ve been running away from my responsibility as a teacher for the past four years, but now I’m starting to rethink my path. I realize that teaching is who I am or at least part of who I am. It’s evident on my blog. Most of you who visit and comment are also educators or lifetime learners. We all love that we learn from each other and we love to talk about what we’ve learned. Therefore, I am making efforts to get back where I belong. Well, we'll see what this coming fall season will bring. Hopefully, a new beginning. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy the summer. Peace~
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