Monday, June 25, 2007

Thinking about Thinking

It’s Monday. People often think of Monday as a day they would rather skip, but I look at it as a new start. I think to myself, what will I do to improve myself for the coming week? What will I achieve? I think of the fall season in the same way. I feel that I associate the fall season with school. It excites me! It’s the cool crisp morning air just before 8am class. It’s the smell of a new textbook and the cracking sound it makes when you open it for the first time. This is how I know I was destined to teach. I’ve been running away from my responsibility as a teacher for the past four years, but now I’m starting to rethink my path. I realize that teaching is who I am or at least part of who I am. It’s evident on my blog. Most of you who visit and comment are also educators or lifetime learners. We all love that we learn from each other and we love to talk about what we’ve learned. Therefore, I am making efforts to get back where I belong. Well, we'll see what this coming fall season will bring. Hopefully, a new beginning. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy the summer. Peace~


Southern Me~ said...

Hey Stephen, I'm back blogging :) You and I are on the same path of thinking, in a way. I'm going through a phrase of re-defining me and discovering my muse. I love the field of nursing but starting my Mondays working the graveyard shift of 12 hrs with kids isn't in my plans. I'm now writing full-time again and enjoying the early morning hours as you described.

Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of your week.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Hello Southernme. Now, I'm trying to figure out who you were prior to your current name. :)
I hope our paths lead both us to the places that God intended. It's going to take some real discipline and determination. I pray for both. Amen.

MJW said...

The world needs more committed educators who love what they do. I'm glad you're going back to it...for you not to do so would be a tragedy.

Dance_Soul said...

Man - I miss having the summer off. Even though I work at a university - we don't get breaks (except christmas).
I am very glad that you have a new found responsibility to EDUCATE. A lot of teachers feel drained and hopeless. Its good when teachers can gt a new wind and refocus their energy away from feeling overwhelmed by the sad state of our youth and towards a desire to fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

What a nice revelation. It's good that you figured out what your passion is. And Lord knows we need good teachers out there. Hope it works out. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I love teaching in all of its forms...right now I'm coaching, but it's all the same.

It's a wonderful way to transfer what's in your brain to another person.

Good luck!

lyre said...

Give Jenellybean a shout! She is tryin gher hand at it! And doing well I might add!

Writing on Board said...

Good for you! You'd make a great teacher. Is there a petition I can sign? You got my vote.

Southern Me~ said...

It's me, writing friend, Nevah (from Phrases of Writing) somehow I got locked out of my blog? Don't know what really happened but it was taken over by spam and I had to start a new one.

I'm back as one of your regular readers! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen, I am thrilled for you and for the youth you will be teaching! I think you all will be better peoples because of it! I know with your passion, commitment, and knowledge, you are going to be a teacher long admired by students and collegues. Best of luck Mr. Bess, best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Fall is my favorite time of year, but I blush when I say that it is so because it reminds me of love.

I have never liked school.

I do love learning and you are correct, I love learning from others. That's why I love this process.

You, my brother, are a teacher - and you will teach in the way that best suits you as it has been divined. peace.

Crankyputz said...

Without being a Kiss Ass, I think you would make the best kind of teacher, the kind who tells stories and makes you learn without it seem like work. You have wonderful skills and a wonderful thirst for knowledge,

It's a lovely summer so far.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you sir and good to see you yesterday.

Yes, many of the teachers are drained. It's all about putting yourself in a good situation and school. I will just have to trust in God to guide me to the right place. Summers off are great too.

My passion is literature and the written word. It ain't teaching those kids. :)I'm just being honest. I do, however, have a passion for sharing that information. Thanks.

Thank you. I was an asst coach for the JV baseball team one year. :)

That's good. Yes, I need to say hello to her.

Thank you kind sir. How about you? You're good with kids. I remember something about a bunch of kids and the Bronx Zoo. :)

Southern-'s you. Well, good to see you back. Yes, I remembered that you just disappeared. :)

Yes, we share that passion for the word. Thank you brother. I will keep you posted with the developments.

Thank you dear Lady Putz. :)I glad that your summer is going well.

get zapped said...

Follow you bliss, as the saying goes! I look forward to hearing more about your thinking and in the meantime, enjoy summertime!

Fabrizio said...

Monday is definitely a "wake up" day. But - ehy - what about friday?
Or Saturday????


Can't wait for them...


neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

This post is wonderful! Uplifting, positive!

There's so much misery out there, but we do have choices...we can add to it...or we can try to alleviate some of it.

I'm a lifetime learner, I think. I try to teach the little bit I know to those who want to learn, even if it's how to do one embroidery stitch.

What a coincidence that you've written about improving the self...just Saturday night [in my handwritten journal] I was writing about this, based on something I'd read in Anne Frank's diary. She wrote about 'working on herself.'

Peace, Stephen.

black feline said...

i reckon u make a good teacher...history, social science, music, literature, politics...shuck! almost anything!

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you so much. Your check is in the mail. :)

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a comment but it disappeared, so if the other shows up please delete this or that one.

I have taught off and on as a complement to my art career and I really love teaching adults for the reasons you stated: I am a lifelong learner myself, I love talking about what I've learnt and I love the exchange between my students and I.

I hope you are able to return to teaching in the fall and I look forward to sharing your adventure with you.

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