Friday, February 02, 2007

Photo & Song

Photo: Read St in Baltimore, Maryland
"Grab your coat and get your hat
Leave your worries on the doorstep
Life can be so sweet
On the sunny side of the street
Cant you hear the pitter-pat
And that happy tune is your step
Life can be complete
On the sunny side of the street..."
Song: Sunny Side of the Street [as sung by Louis Armstrong]

I really love that song. It's just a feel good song and who could sing a feel good song better than Satchmo? *smile* This has been a busy week for me, but the weekend is finally here. Also, this week I was accepted on the Kenyan Blogs Webring. It's a network of Kenyans and friends of Kenyans who network and share ideas. It's an extended blog family. I'm not Kenyan, but I am a friend. So, I'd like to thank my friends, Uaridi and Mshairi for introducing me to the family. Well, I hope that you all enjoy your weekend. Be safe! Me? I'm going to see family this weekend and check out the Super Bowl. Peace~
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