Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Photo: Busboys and Poets

These photos were taken on Sunday night at Busboys & Poets. We set out to go there despite the wind and blowing snow. We had a great time playing Scrabble and just talking. I know...I always go to Busboys! When am I going to go somewhere else? We'll see next time.

Check out Bess Photos On Flickr for more photos. Peace~


Anonymous said...

Good for you, on fighting the weather to have fun! Also, if the place you go to works, why change it? We ALL have our favorite places to go. No need to change. (At least that is my opinion!)

Stay warm and out of that wind!

Stephen A. Bess said...

Good to see you. No, I won't change going to Busboys. :) I just need different photos of other places in the city. I won't to show the world the DC I know. You stay warm as well. Peace~

Geoffrey Philp said...

Looked like you had fun despite everything.


Stephen A. Bess said...

Yes, it was a great time. It's always cool when I'm out with my cousin. :)

Anonymous said...

When am I going to go there!? That's the question! Soon, hopefully! =)

Fabrizio said...

Yes, Cathy is great!
Thanks you came and commented Stephen. I had a busy week, but now I'm back on the blog.
And I added your link.



Lyrically speaking said...

I wish we had a Busboys in NY, or maybe they do and I don't know where, you had a great time even in this crazy weather and i'm sure it gave you a boost of energy. Sometimes dealing with winter can get to you

Cergie said...

Hi, stephen ! I took that picture today in my front yard


No snow for us in Cergy and Paris !!!
ahaha !

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