Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The New Morphological Confetti

Hello everyone. I just wanted to give all of you the heads up on what I am doing with this blog . Well, I recently purchased a domain for and I have plans to develop the site more. I want to continue with what I've been doing, but I also want to showcase new and upcoming talent in the literary and arts community.
I am very excited about it and I hope to have the gallery, favorite links and others up and running within the next couple of weeks! Some of you found out by accident so I am making it official now. *smile* I hope that you enjoy what I have in store for all of us.


M. Akamau said...

Love what you're doing with the place and..could it be? I the FIRST comment?? Say what???? lol...
Keep doing what you do; I'm looking forward to seeing how Morphological Confetti will continue to grow. I think this whole thing is such a great idea. I'd been thinking about doing the same thing with T&T. I may have to hit you up for some tips.

All the best,

Icarus said...

Wow, this looks like a great move forward Stephen! Well done & may you sail along, calm & crazy, to plenty of new horizons in the New MC.
Also, I wanted to know which pigeon you were referring to on mine today (I'm ex-mile stones, BTW - icarus is much closer to my bones these days), 'cos 3 of the pics had pigeons.....Be well & lucky!

Anonymous said...

That is FANTASTIC!! I am SO happy for you! What a great opportunity for you and others to showcase talents that may otherwise be hidden forever! I am happy and proud of you! This will be great! I really look forward to the continued growth and knowledge that I always get from MC! May God be with you on this new journey!

Sheba Brooks Moore said...

cold weather is not for me I am a California happy to be back...I look forward to visiting your new site...

peace and blessings

Lyrically speaking said...

Stephen, wow, i'm totally blown away. Your new home is awesome, I was not expecting it at all. I am proud of you. It's great to see your progression and to be part of it.

Rethabile said...

I echo Cathy. It's awesome. Was fun to see the frontpage greeting by Moorosi Mokuena. Didn't expect it. Nice.

God bless you and your project.

Kai said...

thats so cool..
i saw your site..

African girl, American world said...


Gooders Girl said...

VERY VER SEXY! I love it -- it is chic and artisitc and it feels like how I imagine your soul.

Naro% said...

Mr Bess, things are looking real good round these parts! Gonna be in you neck of the woods next week for a few days...

Geoffrey Philp said...

This is great! Continued growth and abundance, my brother!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'll enjoy your website since I enjoy your blog so much! That's a wonderful idea that you're putting into action. I love literature and art, but that's probably no surprise. I hope everything works out the way you planned!!

Best wishes!


Anonymous said...

I think the new site is beautiful and very cool. I love the colours!

Eagerly awaiting to see the new developments.

Crankyputz said...

How pretty, I love it....will be back to do some soul searching really soon.

get zapped said...

Yeah, way to go! It has a smooth look to it. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Nice concept.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you. Yes, I'd be happy to help. :)

I like your new name. Really cool. Thanks for your support.

Your name says it all. Thank you. :)

Now, I'm California dreamin'. I've never been but I hear it's nice. Thanks.

Lyrically speaking-
You're too kind and so sweet. Thanks so much~!

Kai C.-
Thanks Kai! I have high hopes. :)

Yip Yip Yay! :)

lol Thanks! I wonder if my brother Moroosi feels the same way. :)Much appreciated!

Thanks! Will you be in DC?

Yes, growth and abundance! I speak it and believe it. :)Thanks.

Urban butterfly-
Thanks! You're so fly. :)

Thank you. I love those earthy tones too. Thanks!

Thank you. I hope to have some food for the soul sooon.

Thank you! I'm looking forward.

Fabrizio said...

Great job!!! I like the new site and as far as I'm concerned, it also have a very good graphic appeal.

Do continue this way, fellow Cyclops!! :-D


Stephen A. Bess said...

LOL! Thanks! Yeah, I think it had something to do about wether I thought Mystique was sexy? :) Peace~

S. Bess

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you! Yes, Moroosi is helping me fix things up. He is a good brother. Thank you for your blessings. Peace~

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

That wood-sy new place is just my kinda place, Stephen! I can't wait to see the rest.

I've been catching up with your posts after the things that kept me away.

The shouting in church makes me think, 'celebrate, celebrate, celebrate'.

Lil Stevie was a sensitive, thinking child and it sounds as though his momma encouraged him. Perhaps, one by one by one, there will be more like him in the future.

Sheba Brooks Moore said...

Youv'e never been to California?! I've never known anyone who hasn't been here...Anyway...thank you for the comment!...

Thami Mhlanga said...

WOW, it is lovely, bumped into it by mistake was surprised, but I will wait and see what you in store, I doubt though that I would be disappointed

BronzeBuckaroo said...

You know I will be there to always support you! I am looking foreward to your new site.

Writing on Board said...

Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

OMG it is so beautiful!

akiey5 said...

Looking really good Steve. Tight layout & choice of colors.
Feeling the photo gallery sections. The DC pics remind me of wonderful times spent with fam & friends around the areas you captired with pics.

Looking forward to more.

Rose said...

that's sounds great. I'm going to visit now.

Tafari said...

Good news! I love the look so far, the color scheme is really nice.


NML/Natalie said...

Wow, it looks really good and looking forward to seeing how it develops. Well done x

egm said...

For some reason I can't access it yet. All the same, I see we think alike! The comment you left for me was on a test site that I am also working on and thinking to move to in the near future. All the best on this and keep it up!

the prisoner's wife said...

oooh...bless. i'm so proud!

i imagine you chillin in your bboy stance & taking pictures.

i will try not to be such a stranger.

Cergie said...

Hi, Stephen !
So you are busy now...

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