Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Matters To Attend

There are other matters that I have to attend to for now, but I'll be back soon. I hope to post something this week. I want to post some writing. I need to mix things up a bit. Besides, this is Morphological Confetti. It should be a little of everything, right? *smile*


Anonymous said...

still hopeing one day it will a tale from the sea.... look forward to what ever it will be.

Stephen Bess said...

tu s-
LOL! :) That's right! I'm supposed to do a Navy story. I'll have to search the archives of my brain for that. We'll see.

nosthegametoo said...

We will be waiting for your return.

Lyrically speaking said...

Yes, come back to us soon with more poetry, more pics and more confetti to keep us smiling :)

Rethabile said...

Take your time and return when you're good and ready. We'll miss your wit.

Michael J. West said...

Don't be long, my friend.

fizzio brown said...

Now YOU will be really be missed, hope you'll be back sooner rather than later.

tryphina said...

So long my friend!! I bet we will be seeing you on billboards soon, or shall I say on a Marevelous Novel :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun while you're away!! Will be looking forward to reading your writing!

Peace, Bess!

Heimdallr said...

Enjoy Stephen I have a lot to catch up on while you are away, but hope you are back soon.

Bougie Black Boy said...

i know you have a lot of projects you're working on--on the DL. Good luck with the completion of them.

nikki woods said...

Don't stay away too long ....

Fabrizio said...

Whatever you think appropriate, Stephen! Your posts are always great. I wonder what this little turn will bring to us :-D



Dancewithme2 said...

Ok - Get your life together, kiss your wife and come back STRONG. Can't wait to taste/see the new writings of brotha Stephen Bess.

barbie said...

it was so good to hear from you. Feeling neglected. I always appreciate your input. Looking forward to more writing from you. Handle yo biz brother....much XXXX b

Essequibo said...

Peace, Stephen...we will wait patiently, clinging to the keys. Peace.

Gooders Girl said...

Will miss you when you are gone.... :(

getzapped said...

See how much you move us all? And yet, we sit paitently - as you tend to life and bring engery back to MC. Peace~

BronzeBuckaroo said...

I really enjoy your blog. Hurry back when you are able to do so. In the meantime, have a great and wonderful weekend, bro.

Susan Abraham said...

Thanks for dropping by yesterday, Stephen.
Yes, post some of your writings. Would love to have a look-see!

NML said...

Hello stranger! You've been missed!

the prisoner's wife said...

is this the u-n-i-verse's way of telling me i need to write? that big ass notebook staring me in the face? lol

waddup bless!

Analia said...

I hope you come back soon Stephen, I already miss reading your posts. Have a great time, enjoy a lot and smile, we will be here waiting for you

Rose said...

I know when you return you (your posts) will only be stronger....

Fabrizio said...

Ehy, I agree with Alina: hope to read news soon...

Rethabile said...


Stephen Bess said...

Thanks and good to see you.

Lyrically speaking-
There so much more to come. :)

Ke a leboha, ntate!

Michael J. West-
Thank you my friend.

fizzio brown-
I felt that. :)

you're great! You have such high hopes for me. I receive them. :)

Thanks! I hope you like my latest.

Are you caught up yet? Thanks! :)

Bougie Black Boy-
Still working! :)

How could I? I'm hooked. :)

History and more history. :)

My wife thanks you for the kiss. :)

You know you're my Georgia/soon Mass connect. :)

Thanks bro! :)

Gooders Girl-
Ahhh....there's a soft side to you Gooders. :)Thanks!

That is so profound and true. I will always strive to do that. Thanks! :)

Thanks bro! I'm glad that you can take something from this place. Your blog is equally educational. Thank YOU bro! :)

Susan Abraham-
Always a pleasure!

Thanks for thinking of me. I must come visit your site!

The prisoner's wife-
That's right...you need to write. :)It's always good to see you. Your so busy these days. Stay up!

Your such a nice and sweet lady. Thank you.

I hope so. Thanks! :)


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