Monday, December 11, 2006

Papa's Faith

Good afternoon! I thought that I would share part of my everyday life with you today. I spoke to my father last night. It’s always good to talk to the reverend these days because we have more to talk about since I’ve become an adult. We have similar interest. What are our interests? Let’s see, we talk about books and books and…well, more books. He reads a lot about African politics and religion, but he is especially interested in South African politics. He travels there occasionally and Cape Town is his favorite vacation destination. So, you can imagine his surprise last year when he found out that I was getting married to a woman from the RSA. He was so delighted that he paid a visit to my new mother in South Africa to seal the union!

Nowadays, he is intrigued with my renewed interest in writing. This is something that he encourage me to do when I first graduated college in 1994, but I had other things on my mind like a JOB. *smile* So, now that he knows that I am writing he calls me to check on my progress. I can appreciate that. Besides, it’s good to hear from him either way. I thanked him for encouraging me years ago even though I didn’t act on it. Well, I did get an article published back then, but he could see beyond articles. So, thanks to all the parents who took the time to look over that mountain for their children. I know that it has made a world of difference for a dreamer like me. Dad, I love you. Peace~
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