Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Change For The Bess

As you can see, I made a few changes on my blog today. Yeah, I wanted to brighten things up a bit so I changed the template. It's nothing special or fancy with bells and whistles, but I like it.

I have to put all of my links back!

I didn't realize that it would erase my links! Anyway, I remember all of you. There are also a couple of new friends that I'll be adding as well. I hope that you guys have a great day or evening if you're in Europe. Well, I have to go. I have work to do that is not related to this blog. *smile* Peace~


Anonymous said...

Nice change =)

Stephen A. Bess said...

Yes, I've stepped out of the darkness. :)Thank you.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Different...will take me some time to get used to it.


Stephen A. Bess said...

I did like the blackground, but I decided to brown it out. :)

Toastedsuzy said...

It is brighter. I like it. I approve. This blog is ToastySue approved!


Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you! I'm going for a seasonal look. :)

barbie said...

We want links! We want links! Hey yaaa Bess. I thought I'd stumbled into a caramel factory. Change is nice. Liked your trip down memory lane. Wish I could see my first (puppy) love....ahhhhh memories.

Stephen A. Bess said...

lol! What's up. I need my links back so I can easily navigate from here to there with friends like you. I glad that you like my caramel factory. :)
Correction: My first puppy love would be in 2nd grade with a girl in my class. I remember her, but not her name? Hey, maybe it wasn't true puppy love?

credo said...

just lovely

Professor Zero said...

Yes it is way different!

We used to have the same template, which I like, but which I wanted to brighten up. I missed the old one but told myself that's OK, you can go look at it on Bess' site, he uses it to still better advantage.

But no - you've brightened up too - and I've got to admit, the old template us very stylish looking, but it gets oppressive eventually.

Anyway, I like the seasonal concept, and the lighter background makes the words stand out more.

And - I enjoyed the story of elementary school - and, you have a very nice group of commentators, as I have been noticing for some time...

Nabeel said...

ohh nice @ change .. and stepheennn .. is that a rolex on ur hand? :)

to touch a unicorn said...

It looks good stephen,but what work could be possibly more important than blogging :p haha
I'm lagging behind with catching up after my hols so will stop by later, just wanted to say Hi and wish you well!

Anonymous said...

I changed the look of my blog as well. Yours is a nice change! And I knew it would erase my links, so I copied them before I changed the template. =)

Anonymous said...

If it's all for the Bess, then it's got my thumbs up approval

NML/Natalie said...

It's a nice change. This was my old template but I had it in pink... Have a good weekend x

MJW said...

Good color scheme. I love your photographs, but seeing the often-bright colors of them against the ol' black background could be a bit headachey. :-)

Stephen A. Bess said...

Hello and thank you.

I like the blackground too. It often had a cinematic effect because you have this blackground with color and words just appearing in the dark. :)
As for the group of commentators that come here I like them. They're people from varying backgrounds living in different countries and places. They add an interesting dynamic to my post. I'm glad that you liked this one. I see you at your site soon.

Haaa!! a Rolex? :) No, I'm not ready for the Rollie. Thanks!

I know. What could possibly be more important?? :)However, sometimes I have to put my toys away and get to work. Thanks for stopping through.

HUH?? That was smart! I wish I'd done that. :)

Ke a leboha, ntate!

NML- had the Pinky Tuscadero template. :) The one you have now does look good. Enjoy your weekend as well. x

Yeah, I think that the brown absorbs the colors a bit. Hey, I sound like one of those decorators. :)

nosthegametoo said...

After a while, I think it's important to make changes to blogs, just to keep us interested in making them. I think mine needs a change.

I like the lighter look, it's a nice change.

African girl, American world said...

nice change

ok I've blogrolled you so I am a regular visitor once again

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thanks! Say hello to the Chi-town!

Cool! I've done the same. Good to see you. :)

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

I had no idea you'd lose your links; I've changed a few of mine and didn't lose them; I guess it depend what you're changing too and from. Poo!

Have a great weekend!

Stephen A. Bess said...

I think that I've completed the restoration of my links. *Phew!* Now I can rest and have a great weekend. You do the same.

Reflex said...

Your new template looks great ! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks flex! I'm diggin' the brown too. :)

Abadiebitch said...

Too bad about your links. I learned a few mistakes ago that one must always, ALWAYS copy their template and paste it in a word doc. Then just copy the entire link section and paste it in the new template. I have found that the quotation marks do not always tranfer correctly and cause the link to be broken, but replacing "" is a lot easier than the whole link.

Anyway, looks good in here. Professor Zero has made her template lighter also. In addition she has a link to a D.C. story that you may like (being a D.C. native and all), ---if you have the time to read it.

Cergie said...

I love it ! It's so soft now, like smooth caramel.
For your links, it's the moment to class them, it's like when in spring you wash the house from roof to the soil !

Just a little recommendation: keep somewhere your list of links.
On words for instance.

I had to do that, because it happened often that my code html disappears !

Ahah !

Have a good morning Stevie !
Oh ! I beg your pardon, I mean Stephen.

Anonymous said...

Looks good!

Professor Zero said...

I like the blackground too. It often had a cinematic effect because you have this blackground with color and words just appearing in the dark. :)

This is exactly what I liked about our old template! But I heard from some over-30 readers, and others with less than perfect eyesight, that it was a little hard to read.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Yes, I will remember the thing about the templates next time. Thanks. I'll check out the DC story that you mentioned.

I do love caramel. :)Yes, I'll have to save my links. You and Moksha are right. You know, my family still calls me Stevie. I'm going to be an old man and they'll still call me Stevie. :)

Thank you!

LOL! Yeah, this is a geritol blog. It's the 30 and over blog, but young folks like you are welcome too. :)

Lyrically speaking said...

Change is good, very nice :)

Rose said...

I like the change. It is much brighter and sunnier.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thanks, welcome and thanks for the link.

Hello and thanks.

Yeah, I sort of miss the dark side, but I like the look of this template. Thanks. :)

Cergie said...

An old man !!!
You'll ever be young stevie !
In your heart and your mind.

My father was always the youngest at school and the first arrived for his job and so on, and at the end of his life,during the baptem of my daughter, I'm remembering him sitting on a chair and saying sadly: I was ever the youngest and now, I am the oldest.
All the persons who were older than me are in Paradise now.

My father is in Paradise now, and for the moment I am not yet the oldest od my family: I have my brother and also two sisters of my father left.

My father's christian name was Etienne as my son's one and like yours, Stephen.
In Alsatian: Stevie= Phanele, little stephan.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Haa haa! :) Cergie, my wife always calls me an old man. *giggle* That's a wonderful little story about your father. It was a short comment with so much feeling. Mr. Etienne sounds like a great man. Your family sounds wonderful!

"Stevie= Phanele, little stephan" I like that! Thanks. :)

Michelle said...

I like the brighter more upbeat look. Thanks for stepping out of the darkness! Us blind folks have a hard time reading on those dark backgrounds sometime! :-)

Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful said...

You didn't do much, but it makes a really big difference.

It's definately much brighter then usual.

I likes it a lot!

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thanks and great to see you!

Alli said...

You have a fabulous blog, enjoyable to read.....

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you so much! You are always welcomed. :)

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