Monday, July 17, 2006

Fort Dupont Park: Old Skool Saturday Nites In DC

Washington, D.C. has many attractions that are east of the river. Wait. I should clarify by saying that this is east of the Anacostia River. Specifically, east of the river in DC means the gentrified remains of George Clinton’s version of “Chocolate City” (i.e. The Hood). Some of you may not realize that DC had/has a thriving Black community that has been here since the turn of the 20th Century. My family has been here for about four generations. The city is changing now that some poor blacks are being forced to leave because of new developments (condos, cafes, etc.) and others are choosing to leave for more yard space in the suburbs. Besides, we do love our BBQ’s and family gatherings. Then, there is Fort Dupont Park, The rock on the ridge located in the heart of Southeast Washington. For the past 30 years, Fort Dupont has been a place where family, friends and lovers can go to listen to the best in Jazz, Blues, Soul, and R&B. The best thing about it is that it’s FREE!!!! Yes, FREE and sponsored by the National Park Service. We had a nice spot not too far from the stage. I was accompanied by my wife, aunt, uncle, and extended South African Family. We had plenty of fruit, chips, water, and juice between us. We had a great time and the weather was nice once that hot azz sun began to set.

Highlight: The best musical moment of the show (besides my wife shouting “Yes!” to one of the performers on stage) was the performance by DC’s own William DeVaughn. You should have seen him! He was dressed to the T with a sky (hat) to match. He looked like a straight up “Mack.” He sang his now ghetto anthem, “Be Thankful.”

You know the words, “…Diamond in the back sun roof top…digging the scene with gangsta lean Hooo Hoooooo oooh!!!”

The entire crowd was singing along and dancing. I love Fort Dupont Park! It’s one of the few remnants of the DC that I remember growing up in old DC (A.K.A Chocolate City).

This is the remaining line up for Summer 2006:

Fort Dupont Park
July 8
Regina Belle
Opening: Exquisite
July 15
WPFW Night “D.C. Juke Box Review”
Featuring Al Johnson, William DeVaughn, Sir Joe Quarterman, Mark Green & Captain Fly & Friends Opening : Hardway Connection
July 22
The Impressions
Opening: Style Band
July 29
Midnight Star
Opening: Clones of Funk
August 5
Opening: Jeffrey Walker Band
August 12
Blue Magic
Opening: Phaze 2
Click the following link for Fort Dupont's Summer Schedule and other concerts in the Washington Metro Area
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