Friday, June 23, 2006

Insurrection or Insanity

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but I am also looking forward to a little research. I am focusing on black resistance in the diaspora next week. Nat Turner led an insurrection against slavery in August of 1831 that left over 50 whites dead. Women and babies were not exempt from the carnage. He said that it was a mission ordained to him by God. This horrific deed that cost the lives of innocent babies and human lives was meant to send a message -- Let my people Go! This band of more than 75 black men wanted freedom at any cost. They were eventually caught and put to death for what they beleived. Nat Turner was said to unmoved by his fate. Today, these men would be called terrorist, but were they really? Some might say that living under the conditions of forced servitude drove Nat Turner into a murderous mission for freedom. Well, I'll let you decide. Was it insurrection or insanity?

Coming Soon: "The Birth of a Nation" (2016) Directed by Nate Parker

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