Friday, May 26, 2006

Colored Man: Brief Thoughts On Immigration And Diversity

Good morning! On my way to the subway station yesterday I was talking to a young lady that I work with about the diversity here in DC. We soon got on the subject of Immigration and the apparent fear that some people in this country have of immigrants (especially immigrants of color…black, Latino, etc.). This conversation only lasted for our ten-minute walk to the subway station, but in that time we both agreed that this country has not yet seen it’s true identity. What will an American look like in 50 years? What changes will we see in language and culture? These are legitimate questions because America is in an adolescent stage of existence in comparison to Africa, Asia or Europe. America gained independence in 1776. That makes us approximately 230 years old as a nation. That is fairly young for a country. It is my hope that the constant blending of languages and cultures will soon force this country to shed it’s separatist attitudes and eventually embrace diversity. I know that this may seem unrealistic, but this is my hope. Speaking of hope…I hope that everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend if you are here in the Un-United States. If you are in another part of the world I wish you peace and prosperity.

Side note: I read something recently on a fortune cookie that said:
‘Good work, good life, good love, good-bye oppression.’
Lucky Numbers: 11,14,30,31,45,46
(I couldn’t leave out the lucky numbers. **smile**)
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