Monday, March 06, 2006

This Is What $1.25 Gets Ya!

Good morning,
I just want to share my morning commute. Every morning I race out of the house trying to catch the 7:05 am metro bus headed to subway station. This morning I had to jog in order to catch it. Anyway, I usually get on the bus and search for a seat as I carefully screen the faces of the passengers. It's a habit. This morning was no different. There were the same people on the bus of diverse backgrounds. It's always mostly women. Roughly, its made up of 50% African/Black, 30% Latino, 10% Asian, 5% Caucasian, the rest are men. Well, this morning I noticed a rather peculiar man on the bus. I say peculiar because he sort of sat there with a blank stare. I'm thinking that I don't need to sit near him. As I looked at him he reminded me of the boxer "Butter Bean" so that's what I'll call him. He was your average big, fat, bald white guy. He was surrounded by hefty bags on his left and right. Actually, he had two on his side and one carrying bag sitting on the floor between his legs. Again, I felt that there was something strange about him and I didn't want to be near him when he "did his thing." I didn't know what that "thing" would be but I had a funny feeling. The bus pulled up to the next stop and more people boarded the bus. Seats filled quickly, but Butter Bean still had his hefty bags sitting in a potential seat. This is when Butter Bean starts to do his "thing." A woman walks up to the seat and says politely, 'excuse me can you move your bag so that I can sit down?' Butter Bean keeps his eyes forward and does not reply. The woman ask him again and he remained silent. All of a sudden this African woman sitting directly across from him yells, 'move your bag and let the lady sit!' Butter Bean instantly removes his bag and although silent he begins to shake. Meanwhile, I am giggling because it took this African mother to make Butter Bean do the right thing. Okay, that's it's not! All of a sudden I hear someone shout, 'this is what $1.25 gets ya!' It was Butter Bean and he was red and upset. I looked and I giggled some more with the woman that was sitting beside me. He said it over and over, 'this is what $1.25 get ya!' The women that were surrounding him all began to look at each other with a perplexed look. Some of them were giggling as well.

Things seemed to calm down a bit until the bus pulled up to another stop. Passengers boarded and by this time Butter Bean sat again staring straight ahead. Another woman walked up to him and asked if that was his bag sitting on the right of him. 'No!' The woman smiled and said, 'excuse me?' 'This is what $1.25 gets ya!' Butter Bean shouted as his hands began to shake. I giggled again. 'Move that bag and let that woman sit!' scolded the African mother. Butter Bean moved the bags, but by then the woman wanted to stand. 'Go on and sit down honey,' the African mother said. 'No thank you I'm more comfortable standing,' the woman responded. Anyway, Butter Bean still removed the second bag and mumbled some things as his skin descended from it's beet like appearance. The bus finally made it to the subway station. Everyone scrambled to get off while Butter Bean gathered his hefty bags. I watched him get off the bus and he started his walk down the walkway. He went up to a trash can and threw the two hefty bags into a trash can. He took his garbage on the bus????
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