Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Night Jazz

I'm going to check out a little live jazz tonight with my cousin G Bess. It should be cool. There's a free jam session every Friday night at this church in the city. I hear that they also sell fried fish. Mmmmmm Hmm! **grin** That sounds good! Anyway, Have a great weekend all! Peace! I'm out!


Anonymous said...

that sounds awsome!!!

NML said...

I love jazz clubs in the US. Hope you had a good night and enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

Stunuh Jay said...

mhmmmm Live jazz and Friday Fish Fry... yep that about sums up living! Lucky you!

Brea said...

Hope the jazz was flowing and you had a great weekend!

Stephen Bess said...

tu s. tin-
Long time. I did have a great time Friday night. I hope that your weekend went well too.

My weekend was busy but productive and enjoyable. Yes, there's nothing like a nice Jazz spot.

stunuh jay-
I didn't get the fish. It looked to thin, but the chicken was really good.

It was a busy, but productive weekend. All in all I had fun. I hope that all is well with you too.

Peace all~

faith said...

That sounds like so much fun. I have not been to a good jazz club in a lot of years... glad you had a productive good weekend. Mine was lazy, but fun!

Mrs A. said...

oooh, fish & spoonbread (whatchu know about that?) greens and yams, fresh lemonade=perfect meal to get fat to-ahhhhhhhh!! thanx a i gotta go pack on the calories cuz i just had the mental image :-P

Stephen Bess said...

Thanks. a 'lazy, but fun' weekend sounds nice too. :)

miss a-
I grew up on that kind of thing in North Carolina and Georgia. Love it, love it, love it! :)

Bougie Black Boy said...

a lazy weekend that you begin with a night of debauchery. . . I see how you are, my friend. LOL

jazztheo said...

sounds like my kind of church!

UARIDI said...

Don't know how I can express my envy over the blogsphere!!! Hope you had a great time

Stephen Bess said...

Man, my weekend was exempt of any laziness or debauchery . It was good clean fun! :)

I'm glad that you stopped by because I could not think of your url when I wanted to visit your blog. The jazz was nice. I thought that it was free, but the cover was only $5

I had a really nice time. I will definitely be going again.

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