Monday, March 20, 2006

The Eye Of The Tree

This is one of my many attempts at photography. This is a tree that sits on Pennsylvania Avenue close to Georgetown. I saw it while sitting on a bench and I had to shoot it. I have a great deal of respect for trees. This respect is mostly due to fact that it gives us oxygen, but there is something very spiritual and majestic about them. It is the African belief that some trees are a direct link to ancestors. The Marula tree, which originated in Southern Africa, is often used as an alter for the people in that region. They would approach the tree and give a gift of snuff, a powdery tobacco substance, at the base of the tree. They would then present a question/favor to their ancestors. You see, they believe that their ancestors can see God. This is why they take snuff and other gifts to the tree because they want their ancestors to speak favorably on their behalf to God . I feel that this is a beautiful way to honor ancestors (although it may conflict with some Christian beliefs and practices). If I were to practice such a ritual I would have to take some Days O Work chewing tobacco as a gift to my grandmother. She would pop me in the head for telling this if she were alive, but that would be her preference instead of snuff.

lol :) Sorry grandma.

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