Thursday, February 23, 2006

Poetry: Complex Identity

I'm am re-posting this poem that I originally posted in April 2005 when I first began blogging. Bougie Black Boy discovered it in my archives and thought that readers would be interested. Thanks Bougie! I read this poem for the first time in months and decided to change the title.

This poem came to me as I was getting off of the subway train (originally posted: 4/17/2005)

I am Ghetto
I am Bourgeois
I am Elitist
I am Sexist
I am Voyeuristic
I am Spiritual
I am demonic
I am racist
I am Capitalist
I am a purist
I am all these things in alchemy
Forming a cosmic blend of Native-Afro-Neo-Euro-Old soul-Negro
Rising above stereotypes and perceptions
Frequent erections remind me of my potent nature
Spewing fertile life
producing seedlings that grow
Following the aftermath
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