Monday, January 30, 2006

It is Written

I had a thought this morning concerning the written word as I was riding the train to work. Writing is divine. Did you hear me? I said, writing is divine. Those words rolled over and over in my head as the train moved from station to station. My thoughts were centered on the creator and it was revealed to me that writing is one of the many gifts that God gives us.

I know...duh! :)

However, the epiphany is that writing, in the spiritual realm, is divine. This is especially true when one takes a look at the holy scriptures (Torah, Bible, Koran, etc...). The words in these books were written by people who saw a divine purpose to spread the "word" of God. They were ordained to write the word. That's it! It's the "word" that is so divine. The written and the spoken word.

I really like what the Rev., William A. Jones, Jr. said about the written word. In his book, God In The Ghetto he wrote: "...My God's writing all the time. But there are times when God writes in big, bold characters with powerful punctuation marks. " Reverend Jones then poses the question, "...can we read it?" In short, I look at writing as an imitation of the divine. In writing we are attempting to stimulate, inspire, or excite with the creative formation of words. Ontologically, It explores the very basis of human existence because it was, at one time, one of our limited forms of communication.

Anyway, it's just a thought.
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