Monday, October 03, 2005

A Lesson In Irony

[Today, we were asked to write a brief biography. This biography was among a dozen read during a pot luck lunch to try and figure out who was who in my office. It was a fun game. This is what I wrote about me]

I was born by a reservoir in a hospital that was meant for people of a darker hue.
DC is my place of birth -- for all it’s worth -- but my roots are deep in the Carolinas too.
I came up in the urban section of Washington, where recreation was throwing rocks, breaking glass and racing streets.
My ambitions grew by the time I reached High School;
I had hopes of being a disc jockey, an English professor or maybe a professional athlete.
After graduating high school, I joined the US Navy where I met the rest of America’s brave.
It was there that I learned the ways of the world... it was dark, hazy and gray.
My journey eventually led me to the Georgia coast where I toiled to reach a higher station.
In 1994, I graduated from Savannah State College and moved to Atlanta just to work at Six Flags --loading rides at the Monster Plantation.

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