Monday, October 03, 2005

A Lesson In Irony

[Today, we were asked to write a brief biography. This biography was among a dozen read during a pot luck lunch to try and figure out who was who in my office. It was a fun game. This is what I wrote about me]

I was born by a reservoir in a hospital that was meant for people of a darker hue.
DC is my place of birth -- for all it’s worth -- but my roots are deep in the Carolinas too.
I came up in the urban section of Washington, where recreation was throwing rocks, breaking glass and racing streets.
My ambitions grew by the time I reached High School;
I had hopes of being a disc jockey, an English professor or maybe a professional athlete.
After graduating high school, I joined the US Navy where I met the rest of America’s brave.
It was there that I learned the ways of the world... it was dark, hazy and gray.
My journey eventually led me to the Georgia coast where I toiled to reach a higher station.
In 1994, I graduated from Savannah State College and moved to Atlanta just to work at Six Flags --loading rides at the Monster Plantation.


Michele said...

How nice to read your history in poetic form! (I graduated from college in 1994, too...that was SOME year!).

Enjoying your blog,

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thanks Bay! I had to write a brief bio for my job. We are having fun just getting to each other. I decided to write mine in poetic form. By the way, I love your poem, "Ode." Fantastic!

Michele said...

Thanks for the encouragement, and just for stopping by. My poetic blog is new, and I'm just adding poems to it day by day (I actually need to write some more can only float by on the old stuff for so long!). Anyway, it's great to see there are other black poets out there with a heart for the written word. Keep it up! If there is anything I could say of value, it's to immerse yourself in other poetic voices --- read other poets! Some of my best inspiration has come from just reading other good work.

Keep the keep on...

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