Friday, July 08, 2005

The Fear Factor

First, I would like to send condolences and prayers out to the friends and families of those affected or infected by the bomb attacks in London. I was just thinking about these "United States" that we live in and how very fragile we are when it comes to hurt and tragedy. Oh, there are some of us in this society who have seen and are accustomed to a world of hurt, but very few of us are accustomed to the level of "terror" that we have experienced over the last few years. We can't imagine what a person living and working in Iraq has to go through on a daily or someone living in Liberia or some other African or third world nation. Pain is on a much grander scale! We should all definitely strive for peace and try to eradicate both foreign and domestic terrorism. it is not only costing the government and taxpayers billions, but it's causing us to lose ourselves.

We are a culture of fear! This is nothing new. This culture has been run by fear from it's very beginnings. The fear of our fellow man. It was the fear of the Native. It was the fear of the African in America. It was the fear of the Immigrant. Now, it's the fear of anyone who looks like they may be Muslim or from the Middle East. The problem is that we combat our fear of these things by stamping them out. We don't hesitate to wage war on them and all they are associated with. It always helps if those causing the fear are killing themselves because then we can just call it "Live News at 5."

In short, I feel that we should be vigilant, but we should be vigilant when it concerns bringing about peace and vigilant about educating our young so that they don't make the same mistakes that we are making right now. We should become vigilant about examining our morals and reevaluating our prejudices. Well, I'm going to get off of this soap box, but have a safe and conscious weekend. Go in peace~

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