Friday, December 19, 2008

I remember...

when Washington, DC was called "Chocolate City."

I remember when you didn't see many White, Asian, or Black Americans wearing dreads or locks.

I remember when you only saw body piercings in National Geographic magazine.

I remember when mostly people in jail, bikers, and military personnel wore tattoos.

I remember when children would go outside to play.

I remember when you had to go to a video arcade to play video games.

I remember when kids would settle their disputes without guns.

I remember when young people would have parties at their home and no one would get killed.

I remember when classroom teachers could spank you.

I remember when parents did not let their kids hear them curse.

I remember when my mother would take me and my brothers to a drive-in movie with a bucket of chicken and a 2 liter bottle of grape soda.

I remember when my mother would buy food and tennis shoes/sneakers for us at the grocery store (*singing* Jeepers...Jeepers where'd you get those sneakers).

Finally, I remember when the thought of having an African American president was a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Tell us, what do you remember?
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