Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hip Hop quote

Quote taken from Boogie Down Productions/Edutainment 1990

[Kwame Toure 1941-1998]
"History can never be made by one man, we must smash this one quickly. History is made only by the masses of the people, this is clear. Even a cursory glance at the fallacious presentation Of History by the American Capitalist system, will demonstrate just this. Take George Washington, as bad as he is.... put him in the middle of Valley Forge, by himself, surrounded by the British, he can do nothing. Take Martin Luther King as righteous as he is....... put him in the middle of Birmingham by himself, speaking out against racism he would be lynched. But you take this same King, you take this same Washington put them in Valley Forge, put them in Alabama surround them with thousands of people who have the same ideas they do.......willing to make those ideas reality and the situation changes drastically."

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Sandy said...

This is a great reminder that we cannot accomplish great things in our society and in this world without the help like-minded individuals...Our society is so focused on "getting ours" that we forget how our ancestors made it over, and how our communities made it thru. It was because we worked as a unit and not individually. We didn't step on each other like we do now to get what we want, which are things that only fufill our own selfish desires.... Say Word!

Stephen A. Bess said...

Word! That's right E Pluribus Unum (one of many). Remember the movie Soul Food? The mother mention the fact that individual fingers cannot do much to make an impact, but if you take that hand with those fingers and make a fist....."you can strike a mighty blow." I'm sorry that I had to go there with Soul Food. :)

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