Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Just A Day In The Life Of...

Today is a beautiful day here in Washington, D.C. We are going to get up to 70 degrees today! I love it when the weather breaks because people are usually more cheerful. As I walked from the subway station, I could smell the faint scent of Spring, and the smell of a lady's perfume. The smells took me to a special place, and gave me happy thoughts. I thought of nice walks, Saturday nights, and Summer vacations. They were cocoa-butter thoughts and butter-scotch dreams. People are starting to wear colors again. I saw a lot of pink with the ladies as well as some solids, and some with flowers. Men? We are still sticking with beige, blue, and a little brown. Some of us are stepping it up with a little red, and maybe electric blue. :) Me? Oh, I am chilling with khakis and a jean shirt. I threw on my nice chocolate colored sports jacket and a ball cap to accessorize. I'm sort of an urban prep? Well, it's just my style. Anyway, I hope that your day will be as fantastic as mine will be. Peace~

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