Thursday, April 28, 2005


Good morning,

I was going through some things mentally this morning. Time? What is time? John Baldwin Buckstone said that time was made for slaves. I'm always thinking about it though. "What time is it?" "what time do I have to be there?" when is the right time to settle down?" "I'm getting time is running out!" "It's about time you got here!" Man, I need to kill some time and just live! I need to stop thinking about time and just do it! I mean, whatever it is that I want to do. People are always talking about other people oppressing Them, but we oppress ourselves by becoming slaves to time and feeling like we can't do something because there's not enough time. Older people tell us that some things are before our time. Time ain't nothing but a Coo-Coo clock. Peace~


nikki said...

coo coo clock = time makes us crazy...i really dig that

Stephen Bess said...

Haa haa! I forgot about my Time piece or Emit. Thanks!

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