Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Crazy Love

Good morning,

I saw a woman that I know on the train this morning. We exchanged greetings and how have you beens and then we got on the subject (somehow?) of human sexuality. Oh...I know what happened. I saw a woman getting off of the train and she had on this skirt that was very short and it didn't seem to have enough material to accomodate her very round and ample posterior. I noticed her and sort of giggled to myself. It wasn't the sort of giggle that was making fun of the woman I was just being a little "mannish." I would never allow a woman to see me respond to her body if I don't have that type of relationship with her. Anyway, the woman on the train stated that women dress this way because they are trying to attract men. I assured her that a woman does not have to put her body on display for a man to respond to her. I then admitted that there are men who encourage such behavior in women. "Men are sending mixed signals," she stated. I agreed; however, I can only speak for myself.

I think people as sexual beings give each other mixed signals when it comes to attraction. Some think that it's the car the other drives or the kind of job the man or woman has. There are others who feel like the perfect body is the answer or maybe the highest intellect. Some even feel like they should act as ignorant or "thuggish" as possible to attract their prefered partner. It's crazy out there! Well, maybe that's what makes it all so very exciting. We never really know what we're going to get? Right, Forrest? This is why it is important to investigate and get to know a person. We can then decide if we can deal with their particular craziness. Then again, we all have something about us that is a little crazy. Once we've found "the" one, we can hopefully live happily ever happy -- crazy together -- in this crazy ass world. Peace~


M said...

Fairy tales end with a "happily ever AFTER" :) ... Funny you use that though, most of them did seem to be very shallow individuals I tell you :P ...but then again even Shrek ended with a happily ever after ;)

Stephen A. Bess said...

Yes, I too can sometimes sway to the shallow end. I keep myself in check, though. You're funny. :) Stay thoughtful. Peace~

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