Wednesday, May 18, 2011

15-Year-Old Graduates From The University of Baltimore

This is a great story about an exceptional young man, Ty Hobson-Powell.  I already want to make his first name his initials, T.H. Powell.  It just sounds great for the history books.  I'm sorry, but this makes me so excited; this brings me so much joy.  Out of all the negative press that we get in the media concerning young African American men, this is so refreshing.  I pray that God protects this young man and take him to new heights - far beyong what he can imagine.  By the way, a special kudos to his parents, family, and community because it takes a village.  Press on Ty.  Press on.  I wish you all the success that God can give.  He gave you that talent for a reason -- His purpose.  Check out the video.

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Camille said...

Thanks for sharing this, Stephen! Because, even though my home is a 10 minute drive from Baltimore, I have NOT heard this story! Crazy, huh? And I read the news online every day! I too am proud of him and so happy to hear this story. It is inspiring and encouraging to me. I have yet to graduate from college, but it is a goal that I'm still pursuing.

Stephen Bess said...

Yeah, this was great. Keep pursuing that dream. I know many people who started college later in life. No time better than the present. Besides, you're a smart woman and you have a lot more to offer this world. God bless.

get zapped said...

Thanks, it is refreshing to have good news. His eyes shine intelligence and I'm praying for his bright future! I'm always inspired by young people who are focused and self-realized. Blessings!

Stephen Bess said...

GZ, yes, I pray the same for this young man. This does my heart good. Long time. Good to see you.