Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scottsboro Boys of Alabama

Protest in Washington, D.C. 1933

March 25, 1931 - Scottsboro Boys

Before there was the Jena Six there was The Scottsboro Nine.  The Scottsboro Boys were nine young African Americans who were falsely charged with rape and collectively served more than 100 years in prison. This case would mobilize thousands of African Americans to speak out in protest, and the  rights of African Americans to serve on juries was established by their case.  Read More...

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Information Source: and University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law

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profacero said...

I'm tripping on 1933 fashion. Suddenly I see how close 1933 still was to 19th century styles...

Stephen Bess said...

Hey, Prof. I love this photo. I was noticing the same thing about fashion. I love the way men and women dressed in that period. It seems that there is not much care and thought put into it these days.