Sunday, December 14, 2008

Haiku #3

Haiku #3
Today, I saw God
watching a leaf dance in the wind
and a child laugh with a friend

By: Stephen Bess

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Fly Girl said...

I love the joy this celebrates!

Christina said...

Hmm... this puts a smile on my face. : )

Stephen Bess said...

Joy oh joy. Then my job is done. :)

That's nice. I'm glad.

lisaacs said...

I think this is beautiful,it has a lingering essence of serenity.And effortlessly makes you smile:)

Stephen Bess said...

Thank you. I was first inspired to write haiku after reading Richard Wright's haiku. He was brilliant.

NinaMM said...

Love, love, love...this.

Stephen Bess said...

Thank you and good to see you here. There is more to come.

cat said...

I agree with the others, made me smile! I needed that today Stephen, Thank You my friend!

Stephen Bess said...

Happy to make you smile, Cat. :)

flawedangel said...

I love this one and I so know how it feels. The best thing in the world for me, bar none, is the sound of my children's laughter. :)

Stephen Bess said...

Yes, this seems to be a favorite. Everyone loves the sound of children laughing.