Monday, August 03, 2009

Journal Entry: New start

Good morning and happy Monday! It's a new start for the week. I hope that everyone had a great weekend. I have been moving for the past week. It's really a blessing from God to move into a home, but it's a lot of work. I have been cutting grass, trimming, pulling, raking, and climbing; I am completely worn. Well, I feel refreshed this morning. I have some body aches, but it feels like a good work out. Now, I just have to continue to work out so it doesn't hurt so bad next time. *Smile*

Otherwise, I can't complain. I'm looking forward to the days and weekends to come. By next week, I'll fire up the grill. Yeah, you can come. We'll kick back, eat good, laugh and watch the sun go down. Hey, nothing like summer and good friends. Take care and God bless. Peace~


Crankyputz said...

Just dropping by to say hi...

Stephen Bess said...

Hello Crankyputz! Good to see you. I hope that things are well in your world. God bless.